Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Tate in Liverpool

I was in Liverpool today so took the opportunity to visit the Tate Gallery down at the docks. I was pleased to find some more work by Bridget Riley; a whole rooms worth infact. My two favourite pieces were Cantus firmus and Fall (bottom pic).

Both of these pieces of work are really difficult to focus on without parts of them 'jumping' out at you. It must be hard to paint something that is so challenging on the eyes.

Another artist who's work I'm keen on is Andy Warhols. I love his use of colour in the 'Electric Chair Print Series' but I'm not struck on the theme. Damien Hirst also had one piece of work on show called 'Ever Present Spiritual Guidance'. It is a huge range of butterfly wings stuck onto a purple canvas. It is amazing. Firstly because it's so beautiful, and secondly because its entirely symmetrical. If I could have one piece of art work in my house, I think it may be this.