Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My wallpaper project so far

I'm now about half way through the Wallpaper project and thought I would share what I feel has influenced me so far. In terms of the re-inventing traditions element I am still keen on the Whitworth gallery exhibition called Flights of Fancy which I have already written about. I am trying to keep my work broad in terms of the ways different designs could be displayed on walls. Some are simply borders, others are feature walls and some are motifs I have yet to develop! I am hoping at the end to come up with a set of designs that can be combined to form a very busy wall or walls or be kept relatively simple with just one focus area. CAD is always an important part of my work especially for developing an idea, even if it doesn't feature in the final outcome. My colour schemes in this area are bold and bright much like Rachel Kelly's interactive wallpaper. Further area of influence are Johanna Basfords wallpapers and a drawing I found on the Leeds college of art website by a former textiles student.