Friday, 11 September 2009

Exhibition at Lotherton Hall

Debra Roberts, one of my tutors at uni, is currently exhibiting at Lotherton Hall. The exhibition features a recontsructed 18th century sack back dress as it might have been worn at various points in its history. Hand-drawn maps and enlarged photographs on the walls show extra details of the garment and an insight into its past. The exhibition is running until the 1st November 09. Debra commissioned me to do all of the art work for the advertising for the exhibition including the poster below. Tom Prytherch did the graphic design.


Deb R said...

have to say that Jess did an excellent job. Her response was both intuitive and professional and she quickly understood the essence of my work, producing some lovely drawings. Her work ethic was also excellent and I will certainly ask her to do any further commissions and would highly recommend her and Tom.

many thanks Jess for a fab piece of work!!!