Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Final Day in London

I was in London for New Designer's One Year On last week (will post pics soon-ish...) and I spent my last morning in London going around Old Spitalfields market. After an expensive few weeks I was feeling rather skint, so a market full of unique and interesting products was probably not the best place to go. I stumbled across a stall of up-cycled leather bags made by a lovely lady who was very patient when I ummed and ahh-ed about whether to get a bag. I didn't and thought I would email later in the year to purchase one when my bank balance was a bit healthier. Totally regretted it and have now messaged her saying I need one NOW!
Her company is called Yildiz & I and you can view the facebook page here.

Below are a few images from her facebook page

I am loving Instagram at the moment so took a few snaps of buildings and things in around the market. Can't wait for my next visit to London!