Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A reflection on the final project

It's now only 5 days until we hand in our final project so I thought I'd reflect on what I've done. In terms of exploring different processes I feel this is my most successful project to date. I have used CAD extensively but also really tried to get into my drawing more than before; I particularly enjoyed drawing my main themes of boats and buildings. I felt the shells, fossils and beach huts I initally researched and drew became a bit redundant as I wanted to focus on my more successful drawings and not over complicate my work with more ideas than was necessary. I have then produced some designs on the laser cutter and used fabric for the first time this year by printing onto it using the digital printer. Both CAD and laser designs feature in my final collection which I have decided I don't want my designs to simply be wallpaper (although I think some of them owuld suit this purpose) but perhaps more as a partition in a room or only featuring on small areas of wall as all of the designs are quite busy. I think my laser cuts would work well in this interior environment if they were made out of something more sustainable than the paper I have used to show my idea and also if they are on a bigger scale, again as a partition or to stand infront of a window as the holes in the design can allow light through but also allow you to look through them. Here are a few of my final CAD designs, but they don't seem to upload in the correct colours but they still give a good idea of the kinds of compositions I have been creating.